Becoming an Engineering Leader Panel at RailsConf 2017

Posted on May 18, 2017

This is where my thoughts and passion lie right now and I was incredibly excited to have this panel accepted at RailsConf. I was even more excited to have such an amazing, diverse, thoughtful group of panelists in Abel Martin, Neha Batra, and Shay Howe.

Are you a new manager? Have you been asked to lead a project? Do you want to see change in your company but don’t feel you have the position to enact it? Are you terrified or nervous or unsure where to start? Has a recent situation left you questioning what you did wrong and how to be a better leader?

Software development doesn’t prepare us for taking on everyday or official leadership and yet, leadership is what every team and company desperately need.

Let talk with a group of folks at various stages of the leadership hierarchy about what they have and want to learn.

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