Honored in LinkedIn’s #PressForProgress for International Women’s Day!

Posted on March 18, 2018

I am so incredibly honored and grateful to have been credited by Neha Batra in LinkedIn’s #PressforProgress #IWD2018. Neha has inspired, challenged, and supported me more than she realizes and I am so grateful to know her! See the post on Instagram here.

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repost @linkedin ・・・ Neha Batra credits her mentor Rebecca Miller-Webster @bmwbzz for inspiring her to #PressforProgress #IWD2018 —- Dear Rebecca, Thanks for showing me that I am a leader that is worthy of a chance at leading. Your verbal encouragement has been specific, timely, and never skipping a beat. You have always pointed out when I am exhibiting leadership skills, what’s special about them, and the impact that I am having! This has slowly made me understand what you see through your eyes and given me the space to accept myself as a leader and let my passion show. You’ve made me feel that the need to document EVERYTHING is not annoying or silly but is an asset and that I have value to offer. For that, I thank you. You have also shown me that I am a leader through your actions. One of my most shocking moments is when you recommended me for a leadership panel! I argued with you that I wasn’t a manager yet so how could I possibly be a leader? This was a HUGE turning point for me. Your actions led to a larger conversation about what leadership is, how it’s different from management, and why I’m already doing it. You exposed me to other leaders and managers and showed me how much I have in common with them — you showed me my people. Most people don’t get promoted into a leadership role until they can recognize, demonstrate, and advocate that they are already doing the job and deserve the leadership role. For me, you recognized my potential, gave the space to express it, thanked me, showed me my impact, and promoted me further up the leadership chain. I didn’t have to argue or advocate for anything! Somehow I feel like I was just in for the ride but I know you would quickly point out that I was very much active in it also. Thank you. For everything. Seriously. <3 neha ・・・ Also big shout out to @aushlee for her team’s incredible project. You can see more posts here: @linkedin

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