Tools for Leading in Times of Immense Change: Let’s talk feelings. Part 2.

We cannot assume what worked before will continue to work, so we need to figure out what will work. The way we do that is through empathy, understanding another person’s reasoning and emotions. This understanding can become the basis of new means of motivating and supporting, even in uncertain contexts. We can give our team what they need right now, which allows them to give the business what it needs.

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Tools for Leading in Times of Immense Change: How a pandemic and an uprising can make you a better leader. Part 1

In the midst of massive changes to work and life, you may be unsure how to act or respond. As a leader, whether you are a manager or a team lead or the person with the longest tenure at the company or simply someone looking to expand their leadership skills, not knowing how to move forward is very pronounced right now. All the tools you’ve used in the past that consistently worked with various team members may have just stopped functioning. We cannot assume what worked before will continue to work.

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photo credit: joepiette2 Human Rights Advocates, Hunger Strikers, Gather to Tell Wolf: “Free People Now!”

Talking about Write/Speak/Code on CodeNewbie

Posted on December 18, 2015

I was super excited to speak to my former coworker, Saron Yitbarek, on her amazing podcast CodeNewbie. She's created an incredible community dedicated to supporting new developers. Listen to my interview here.

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Interview tip: Know who you are interviewing

Posted on June 26, 2015

Aside from the fact that coding and code interviews are not even close to the meritocracy that many suggest, going blind into an interview and just testing coding skills is not a solution. By blind I mean not knowing the background and experience of the applicant. Asking is not enough - read their resume, check their Github and LinkedIn and Twitter. Get some context for their skills and experience. (more…)

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Why Write/Speak/Code isn’t another women-only tech conference … and why it wouldn’t matter anyway

Posted on November 8, 2014

I’ve seen a couple comments and posts recently about women's tech conferences. Basically, all say they are bad or unnecessary. As the founder and co-organizer of a woman’s only event (and attendee of an all-woman’s college), I have a number of thoughts on this. (more…)

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