Building resilience in our organizations, our teams, and ourselves at DevOpsDays Chicago 2016

Posted on October 18, 2016

Really excited to get to speak at DevOpsDays Chicago again. It's an amazing community that values collaboration and communication as much as I do. The whole team behind DevOpsDays Chicago and DevOpsDays in general are great people. This was my first Ignite talk and I found it super stressful. I think I'm better when I can ramble and adapt to the audience. :) We talk about redundancy and security when it comes to our infrastructure and ...

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On Diversity in Tech Burnout

Posted on August 18, 2016

I was really happy to be able to contribute to ModelViewCulture's article on Diversity in Tech Burnout. It's a topic that is very poignant for me and difficult to talk about. I suspect with more distance, I'll be writing more myself. In the meantime, this article says most of what I would say. Putting a Spotlight on Diversity in Tech Burnout

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Frameworks for Feedback at DevOpsDays ATL 2016

Sorry if you're getting fatigued seeing me give this talk. I am thrilled that's it's been so popular and I think it's really telling of the things people are craving to learn and understanding.

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Frameworks for Feedback Extended — written feedback, managing up and more!

I gave my Frameworks for Feedback talk at Self Conf. It was a 45 minute slot and, sadly, not recorded. Because I had more time, I added information about questions I often get, including written feedback and managing up. I also got some really good questions about requesting feedback with "Start, Stop, Continue" and how to reframe that if needed. We came up with "What am I doing well? What should I continue doing? Where can I improve? What ...

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The realities of organizing a community tech conference: an ill-advised rant

Posted on June 13, 2016

Warning: this post is an ill-advised, badly timed rant. There are swear words. You have been warned. Also, no one person instigated any of this rant. It's been building in me for three years. <3 Let me tell you about the realities of organizing a tech conference: it sucks. (more…)

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