Quick hit: Where the hell is the JLink.jar file?

Posted on February 22, 2011

I am working on a web service that connects with some Mathematica code. Mathematica offers a handy Java connection called JLink. There site is rif with articles and jDocs … and yet, they don’t tell you how to download or where to find the freakin’ JLink.jar file.

Note: this is all applicable to Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Mathematica 8.

After A LOT of googling, I finally figured out that it is IN the Mathematica.app folder.


The problem with this, of course, is that double-clicking the app folder causes the application to open. In Net Beans, double clicking the .app folder while adding a jar/folder causes it to add the entire folder. Then, it still can’t find the JLink.jar file.

So what to do?

Sym links to the rescue! First, I had already created a jars folder in my /Library/Java to hold my mysql jar file. In hopped into that folder and created a sym link called “JLink.jar” to the actual jar file.

ln -s /Applications/Mathematica.app/SystemFiles/Links/JLink/JLink.jar JLink.jar

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