LapDawg is gonna save me from myself

Posted on December 8, 2010

Being a freelancer now, I work in random places. Having been sick last month, I spent a lot of time working in bed. My body – in particular my forearms – has starting telling me that it’s kind of pissed about my less-than-ergonomic working positions.

So I started looking around for tools to help me work more ergonomically where ever I am, because, let’s face it, there will always be days when I’d just rather work in bed. I ended up settling on LapDawg – a laptop desk with height and angle adjustability. I just got it in the mail today and, so far, it’s awesome!

To round out my better, portable work station, I also got the Kensington K72337US Orbit Trackball with Scroll Ring, which is great. At a previous job, I’d used the Kensington Expert mouse. I liked it but it was a little bigger and less portable than I wanted.

I’m still waiting on the Clamp On Mouse Platform, Black to complete the ensemble. Hopefully, that’ll be great.

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