Jason Fried on the unproductive office

Posted on November 29, 2010

I have mixed feelings about TED, but I generally enjoy Jason Fried and his take on work is totally spot on. I'd only add that, in my experience, programmers work in cycles: ramp up, totally immersed, wind down, relax, start over. (more…)

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Rails is awesome … too bad the creater and much of the community are total dickwads.

In a moment of genuine unintended irony, I decided to start learning Rails at the exact moment that a huge uproar happened over a conference presentation that contained pornographic images and the following "don't hamper my freedom from expression/to look at naked chicks" response from much of the Rails community. Worse yet, DHH, creator of Rails and partner in 37 Signals, condoned the talk. (more…)

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