WPF Data Binding Not Refreshing When Bound to Static Object

Posted on August 1, 2008

And the WPF Data Binding wierdness/frustration continues ...I have a DataTemplate where DataType is defined. (In other words, WPF magic figures out when to use the template based on the type that is being bound). The Template includes a ComboBox which is bound to a static object in my UserControl class. The SelectedItem of the combobox is bound to a property of the DataTemplate's type (which, in this case, is a linq entity object).It looks ...

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Type casting your User Control Class in ASP .Net 2.0+

Posted on July 31, 2008

I ran into a little bit of a strange issue today:I created a User Control that was being used multiple times on a page. It contained a few public methods and properties that allowed me to delegate loading and saving of the data to the control.Since I have a personal aversion to typing out the same thing for controls with different names, I wanted to just loop through the Controls, check for the type, cast, and call the method. Seems simple ...

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Random Annoying Crap about WPF Data Binding & Linq to SQL

For a new project at work, we are using WPF and Linq to Sql. In some ways data binding in WPF is very sexy and suave. In other ways, it's aggravating -- there are things that are so easily done in WinForms and ASP .Net, like, say, re-binding data to a control after it's changed, that are bitch to figure out in WPF. At least for me they are. In theory, WPF can update itself whenever the source changes. In reality, it's not quite as ...

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DBNull is my Nemisis: Part Deux

******This is the second part of my rant about DbNull. Go here to read the first part.******Ok. So now you have a utility method that lets you check for null whether it's null, DbNull, or, if bound to a datagrid, " "What if you want to Convert that object, which might be null or DbNull, to a Type? What if you'd like to write it in pretty code? Well then you'd use this lovely method:public static T ConvertToType(object o){ if (o == ...

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DBNull is my Nemisis

Despite what I told interviewers when looking for a new job last summer, I definitely prefer C# over Java. Having learned to program mostly in C++ with all it's (dangerous) flexibility, the fact that Java did not implicitly convert primitives to their object counter-parts (i.e. double and Double) - not to mention the endlessly long names - filled me with endless internal rage. Endless. My rage was especially acute when dealing with Java web ...

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