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Configuring WCF with BasicHttpBinding and SSL

Despite a variety of posts on this topic, I had to go through a bunch of articles just to get what seemed to be a simple task.I started with this post How to setup a WCF service using basic Http bindings with SSL transport level security. The post gives a good explanation of how to get a ssl certificate and set up IIS to use the certificate. In my case, I just ...

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Forcing ASP .Net Validators and ValidationSummary to use CssClass

Here's something strange. If I create a validator using the following mark up: <asp:requiredfieldvalidator id="rfv_txt" runat="server" errormessage="Required" CssClass="errorText" /> and my css class is: errorText { color: purple; } My validator still renders with red text. Checking the markup, I see that ASP .Net has added an inline style ...

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WPF Data Binding Not Refreshing When Bound to Static Object

And the WPF Data Binding wierdness/frustration continues ...I have a DataTemplate where DataType is defined. (In other words, WPF magic figures out when to use the template based on the type that is being bound). The Template includes a ComboBox which is bound to a static object in my UserControl class. The SelectedItem of the combobox is bound to a property of ...

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Type casting your User Control Class in ASP .Net 2.0+

I ran into a little bit of a strange issue today:I created a User Control that was being used multiple times on a page. It contained a few public methods and properties that allowed me to delegate loading and saving of the data to the control.Since I have a personal aversion to typing out the same thing for controls with different names, I wanted to just loop ...

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Random Annoying Crap about WPF Data Binding & Linq to SQL

For a new project at work, we are using WPF and Linq to Sql. In some ways data binding in WPF is very sexy and suave. In other ways, it's aggravating -- there are things that are so easily done in WinForms and ASP .Net, like, say, re-binding data to a control after it's changed, that are bitch to figure out in WPF. At least for me they are. In theory, WPF can ...

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