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The Path to Becoming a Developer :: Skillcrush Masterclass

Recently, I had the honor of doing a Skillcrush Masterclass on the Path to Becoming a Developer. I talked about how I became a developer, mining your own experience, and presented on the 4 things you can do now to become a professional developer: (more…)

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Incremental Design — A conversation with a Designer and a Developer at RailsConf 2013

Here is my Rails Conf 2013 talk! Developers: how many times have you had to completely rip out your hard earned code for a totally new site design? Designers: how many times has a re-design taken 4 times as long as the developer said it would and not looked good in the end? Change all that by using an incremental approach to design. Set up your code to change ...

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GoRuCo and Gender Diversity

A while back I along with a small group of women in the NYC Ruby community, participated in a conversation with the GoRuCo organizers about how to get more women attending and speaking at GoRuCo. It was a fruitful conversation and Francis wrote up a great post on the results of that conversation on the GoRuCo blog. I encourage you to read it.

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ActiveRecord helper for serialized hashes

ActiveRecord's serialize functionality is quite useful when you want some schema-less data within a relational database. I have found this particularly useful for two cases: Design elements on a page Authentication data for various (unknown) external services However, the one thing that is missing from the built in functionality is the nice getter/setters ...

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Values: Where tech + handmade converge

I wrote a post on the blog for my coming soon! product inspired by a talk Francis Hwang gave at GoRuCo on Javascript. He said: Our tools will change, but our values can stay the same. Read my post here.

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