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Rspec error: undefined method `get’

You may have upgraded Rspec recently. Or perhaps a new team member joined, ran bundle and couldn't run any controller tests. (more…)

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DRY up Rspec with tap!

I'm a big fan of keeping Rspec DRY. Mostly, because it hurts my heart to have to write the same thing twice. It huuuurts. Here's a great article on code reuse in Rspec. A scenario I struggle with DRYing up: I'd like to either stub! or call should_receive on a method and sometimes return a value. Previously, I would still have to write the stub! or should_receive ...

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Testing Jammit’s packaged assets with Jasmine

In my new job, I'm trying to start things out right -- behavior-driven, test-driven, "cutting-edge" tools (whatever the hell that means), etc. I've gone through the new Rspec book (review to come) and used Cucumber and Rspec on my Rails app. I recently re-did the front-end with Backbone.js (and I am ready to marry it) and now I'm testing the javascript with Jasmine ...

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Debugging Cucumber in RubyMine {Quick Hit}

Using Cucumber and Rspec for the first time has been ... a little frustrating. I followed along with the main tutorial in The Rspec Book and then skimmed the later chapters. I thought it was quite good until I had to start testing an actual rails app and felt a little at a loss. But I digress ... (more…)

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