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Restoring my dev machine from a Time Machine backup

In what turned out to be the second worst news of the day, I found out my computer was stolen from our office. (The worst news came in the form of a realization that I was not going to get a cab and instead had to subway it home with a 10 pound box of frozen meat, a new laptop, my big-ass purse, and a bag containing 3 pound ankle weights, 2 pound wrist weights, and ...

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My problem with Heroku

We've all been hearing a lot about Heroku lately. In fact, it seems that almost every rails blog has a post about how you "must use Heroku!' or you're an idiot to not using Heroku. Over the last month or so, I've been working on a project hosted on Heroku. Now this app has a lot of issues including code written by a billion developers that is often stupid or ...

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