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Javascript and Ruby on Rails at Chicago Ruby Meetup at Blue1647

This was a really fun talk to give to beginners. I tried to demystify how Javascript works in general and with Rails.

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Showing a default image if one doesn’t exist in jQuery

Have you ever wanted to default an image if the image url doesn't exist? In javascript, how do you check whether that url is real or not? Here's how! (in jQuery) (more…)

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Stubbing Backbone.js fetch with Jasmine & Sinon.js

I needed to stub out a Backbone collection's fetch method and make it return success. I'm using Jasmine BDD for the testing framework and Sinon.js for stubbing the methods. Here's how I did it: (more…)

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Testing Jammit’s packaged assets with Jasmine

In my new job, I'm trying to start things out right -- behavior-driven, test-driven, "cutting-edge" tools (whatever the hell that means), etc. I've gone through the new Rspec book (review to come) and used Cucumber and Rspec on my Rails app. I recently re-did the front-end with Backbone.js (and I am ready to marry it) and now I'm testing the javascript with Jasmine ...

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Quick multi-site javascript RSS feed

I just finished quickly putting up a simple, compilation site. This was a business was a group of successful blogs, who had recently moved all their emails addresses to be under one header. As a consequence, people were occasionally hitting the email url. At the time the url just redirected to the flagship site, but the owner wanted the site to be a bit more ...

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