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Print CSS for Rails and a print link helper

A while back How About We for Couples launched gift memberships and we needed a way to allow the buyer to print something for the person they were giving it to. "No problem," I thought - we'll use a print stylesheet! Turns out there was a bit more to it than that. (more…)

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The Path to Becoming a Developer :: Skillcrush Masterclass

Recently, I had the honor of doing a Skillcrush Masterclass on the Path to Becoming a Developer. I talked about how I became a developer, mining your own experience, and presented on the 4 things you can do now to become a professional developer: (more…)

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Quick multi-site javascript RSS feed

I just finished quickly putting up a simple, compilation site. This was a business was a group of successful blogs, who had recently moved all their emails addresses to be under one header. As a consequence, people were occasionally hitting the email url. At the time the url just redirected to the flagship site, but the owner wanted the site to be a bit more ...

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