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How to convert a Ruby struct to a hash

Use inject! (more…)

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ActiveRecord helper for serialized hashes

ActiveRecord's serialize functionality is quite useful when you want some schema-less data within a relational database. I have found this particularly useful for two cases: Design elements on a page Authentication data for various (unknown) external services However, the one thing that is missing from the built in functionality is the nice getter/setters ...

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Recursively convert a Ruby hash to OpenStruct

I love OpenStruct. Like love love. The only reason I wouldn't marry it is that it won't recursively convert a nested hash to OpenStruct. So I wrote a hash extension to do just that. Wip out your credit cards, our wedding registry is forth coming. (more…)

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Extend Ruby hash to return all keys as symbols

It is sometimes useful to force all hash keys to be symbols, especially in a situation where you can't use HashWithIndifferentAccess. (more…)

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