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    Coders I taught & mentored
    in coding, leadership,
    oppression, open source,
    agile, & more
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    Conferences & events
    I helped organized —
    Write/Speak/Code and GORUCO
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    Direct Reports
    I had at one time
    (I don't recommend!)

  • Rebecca’s [team] has been way under-resourced, under constant demands from many areas of the organization, iterating at a super fast pace, all the while trying to establish very best practices in terms of design-dev coordination, etc. Amidst this, Rebecca has been a stable, strong, clear, and constantly improving leader. What a great thing. She brings to her work a deep vision about development best practices. She is fearless about trying to make things better and better. She bounces back from anything tricky with a ton of buoyancy. She's taken on a bunch of larger leadership roles. She's user-focused. She doesn't have an ounce of bullshit in her. And she's fun and smart and caring. Rebecca - so glad to work with you...much gratitude for your presence and mind and big efforts. - Aaron — Manager + Co-founder of successfully exited start-up
  • Your verbal encouragement has been specific, timely, and never skipping a beat. You have always pointed out when I am exhibiting leadership skills, what's special about them, and the impact that I am having! You've made me feel that the need to document everything is not annoying or silly but is an asset and that I have value to offer... You recognized my potential, gave the space to express it, thanked me, showed me my impact, and promoted me further up the leadership chain.- Neha — Mentee + Non-profit Board Director, and Manager at large tech company
  • Rebecca is hands down the best manager and engineer I’ve ever worked with. If you want to build 2 million dollar software projects that will have thousands if not millions of users, she’s your person, without question.- Marcy — Manager + CEO of successfully exited consultancy, and Co-founder of innovative women's health start-up
  • [Rebecca’s] level of strategic thinking, focus on career and personal development for our team, alignment with our mission/vision, and positive cultural influence has been unprecedented in this role.- JC — Manager + CEO of successful digital product consultancy