Things I do

This page is a number of years out of date. While I work on updating it, checkout my more recent conference talks, press & interviews, and other thoughts on the blog.

I …

I also organize community events and occasionally am flattered to be asked for an interview.


Articles, posts, and curriculum I’ve written.


Some talks and workshops I’ve given.


Selected code I’ve worked on.

  • ActiveAdmin — contributed a more efficient starts_with text search to popular Ruby admin framework. 2013
  • Team Lead overseeing the creation of new web product, HowAboutWe for Couples (now You & Me Concierge) with Rails, jQuery, JS, HTML, SASS, memcache, Backbone.js at 2012-2013
    • Integrated Backbone models into app without fully transitioning to framework — cleaned up JS and set conventions for use
    • Built black-box billing module, which integrated with Braintree using Ruby, Rails, Sidekiq
    • Created design-dev process which transformed the teams’ relationship and increased productivity and happiness.
    • Instrumental in creating and enforcing code styleguides for Ruby, JS, Rails front-end, Coffeescript, and Rspec.
    • Managed 3 senior and 1 junior developers
    • MVP static site generated with Middleman monthly for first couple months — generated revenue
  • Experimental — creator and previous maintainer of ruby gem for A/B testing. 2012-2013
  • Pixelator — co-created ruby gem for managing tracking pixels. Replaced in production when Google Experiments came out. 2012
  • Built flexible system for generating ad-specific landing pages for marketing using Middleman within Rails — at 2012
  • Single-handedly built web application to generate digital handwriting from a written sample and render text in digital handwriting with Rails — at Gracious Eloise 2010-2012
    • Wrote Java wrapper around Mathematica API to interact with digital handwriting algorithm.
    • Built jRuby service with Resque to integrate Mathematica backend with Rails web application.
    • Created Rails application with highly interactive Backbone.js front-end.
    • Hired and managed full-stack engineer, designer, and 3 summer interns.
  • Backbone-Rails generator and Backbone ViewHelper — beginnings of generic code used in Backbone.js apps. 2011.
  • Created small app to generate holiday greetings in pre-selected digital handwriting with Sinatra and jQuery — at Gracious Eloise 2011
  • Github
  • Code


  • Write/Speak/Code — Conference and events for women developers teaching the skills to become thought leaders, conference speakers, and open source contributors. Founder and co-organizer 2013-present.
  • GORUCO Gotham Ruby Conference — Premier Ruby conference in New York City. Co-organizer, including talk selection, 2013-2014.
  • Greenpoint-Williamsburg CSA — built and maintained website along with other organizer duties. 2007-2011.

… am flattered ♥